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Our story

Stéphane and Claire




We met while studying science in college, in Paris. At the time we were considered to be model students. We had succeeded at school; our future was decided and enviable in terms of what we could expect in our modern society. Our family could talk about us with pride and confidence. But on the way, something changed… How could two young and promising products of our society and its educational system get off the trail to such a point that they quit their jobs at the university and their opportunities for a carrier in scientific research? We had been doing research in physics and biophysics as postdoctoral fellows at the University of California, San Diego. But in California, we met a lot of people who helped us look at and think about things differently, and we started to realize what our ecological impact and our role on earth was. As honest scientists and experimentalists, we took into account these new hypotheses and truths to follow another way.

Living and working in a foreign country for several years was a decisive experience. Far from our family, friends, and French references, we started to see with our own eyes. Moreover, in such a place as Southern California, we immersed ourselves in the societal model we were supposed to dream of. As fascinated as we were, we had an inkling of the failure of this modern society. We had already caught sight of the similar evolution of European countries and foresaw the degradation of the quality of life. In order to better understand our modern environment, as fair scientists, we started to look for explanations and personal solutions. First we had long discussions with various people from different social backgrounds, such as university professors, farmers, Mexican immigrants, and pro or anti globalization activists, to name a few. Our scientific background helped us in looking for, sorting, checking, and using information to call everything into question. Proceeding this way, we decided not to participate in the university/business system and reject the future it promised.

We consider our scientific education to be a success (most people would consider it a failure!), indeed such a success that we called ourselves and our environment into question. The consequence of these first steps was the decision to change our way of life. We wanted to try to live closer to Nature and her rhythms, to be more humble and honest with ourselves and our environment. We wanted a way of life where our actions and choices correspond to our life ethics, where we feel conscious of our responsibilities and don’t need to find excuses for doing things, where we try to live in harmony with natural elements, energies, and mysteries.

In our opinion, we are still “working,” just not the type of job that society expected of us. We invest a lot of energy in activities that we think will make us freer and happier while respecting our environment. Let us introduce ourselves as researchers in a way of life with high ecological and social added value.

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