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Store - Olive Oil-Olives

Green olives Manzanilla in (clean) Seawater (550g net)

Green olives of the Manzanilla kind, large local olives traditionally cultivated in the area for table eating olives, in seawater (cold filtered with 0.22 microns mesh) exclusively for us, the only olives in seawater you can find! Those olives are harvested by Francisco on the family farm El Alamillo, certified organic. Those olives are prepared and flavored with garlic, red pepper, thyme, fennel, in seawater; all certified organic, without preservatives, and not pasteurized, all natural. The use of seawater gives olives with a more delicate flavor and not a strong salty taste. The total weight of the glass jar is 1.3kg, with 550g of olives. Since those olives are not pasteurized, they don't pop on opening, small bubbles can come up, the olives on the top in contact with air get brown; and have to be kept in their water. Once taken out of their water, they have to be eaten right-away. To be kept in the fridge.
This product is - Certified Organic - Natural - New - Raw

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