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Store - Fruits

Persimmons, Fuyu and Rojo Brillante

Mix of persimmons depending on availability. Fuyu persimmons is a Japanese variety, non astringent and can be eaten soft or hard, also know as the apple persimmon. It can be stored for a few weeks in a cool place because it doesn't get soft and jelly like other persimmon that need to be eaten soft. Rojo Brillante persimmon has to be eaten soft to loose the astringency. A trick consists is freezing them when still hard as frost removes the astringency as well, and then they can be eaten at any time once defrosted. This way, in a freezer, they can be stored for months. But even in a cool storage, they can stored for several weeks, when not stacked up one above the others, picking out the ripe soft ones along the way. But fridge can hasten ripening, so avoid storage in fridge.

This product is - Natural - From the farm - Peak of season - Raw

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