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Welcome to our store!

Welcome to the El Camacho store for organic and natural fruits from Andalusia.
Come taste our tree ripened fruits during the Raw Fruit Festival, we organize every year in September, with participants from all over the world, outdoor activities in a natural environment! Let´s share and propagate happiness, health and fitness with an active and healthy lisfestyle!!!
Claire and StÚphane created this store with fruits, olive oil and prodcuts from Andalusia and Spain after moving to live on a farm in andalusia in 2007. After following their studies in science and both holding PhDs in physics, and worked in Universities in France and the USA, they finally decided to quit their research positions to move to Southern Spain in Nature on a farm, in order to promote their lifespace and the environment, and not being part of the endless race going on in science in a world already saturated.
They move to a farm in Andalusian mountains between Malaga and Gibraltar, near the coast. Their farm is privileged because surrounded with cork oaks, pine trees, chestnut trees, without intensive farming in the area, and in a valley rich in water with a granitic subsoil and running rivers, whereas the South of Spain is mostly limestone and dry.
The store started slowly and without a comercial goal to begin with, simply by filling up the car with products from the farm during trips to France to visit family. Then, slowly, friends and friends of friends started to be interested by their products for the quality and ripeness of their products. Because Claire and Stephane are both living on fruits and vegetables, and therefore are very involved in the quality of their fruits, and also do their best to offer the best fruits in the most advanced state of ripeness.
Today, they offer their products as well as the ones from other small Andalusian farmers they know, always making sure the quality of the products is the best, and the farming pratices in accordance with the environment.
Those products are available through consumer groups who order the fruits for all the people of the group, and receive the order by palets reaching the consumer 2 to 4 days after picking, for freshness and ripeness!

The store do not send fruits directly to people homes, but organizes shipping fruits from small producers in Andalusia to consumer groups without middle men and only for quantities corresponding to a palet of 800 kilos of fruits.
To order, you need to join a group.
Take a look at the health and detox retreats we organize in Andalusia, and we hope to meet you soon!

If you have a question, please write to info (at) el-camacho . com
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