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Welcome to our store!

Welcome to our organic and natural fruits from Andalusia.

Our store do not send fruits directly to your home, but organize shipments from the small Andalusian farms to consumer groups without middle men and for quantities corresponding to pallets, i.e. about a total of 800kg of fruits,olive oil and dried fruits.
To order, you must join an existing consumer group, or create a group on your own to order a pallet of at least 800kg of fruits.
Most of the fruits are sold by boxes. The weight of the boxes is given as a guideline, because the actual weight of the boxes can vary with the size/shape of the fruits, the moisture loss during the shipping and the storage before the final delivery, as the recently picked fruits tend to loss more moisture during the first days after picing, and it is virtually impossible to compensate this loss in advance. Therefore, the final weight of the boxes comes within a 10% range of the given weight.
The pictures on the website are not contractual, and the products shipped can vary in aspect, size, color, variety from the pictures.
Cookies are used on our website only for registered members. No cookie is being used for visitors. By registering to the website you acknowledge the use of cookies to ease your experience on the website.
To order: you the client have to create an account on the store website and confirm you have read the terms and conditions indicated on this page. To order, you have to select the different products from the store and add them to your basket, and then adjust the quantities for each product if needed (using the update button for each product individually).
Once your basket is ready, you have to send it from the basket summary page by clicking on the sending button after selecting the distribution point you will be picking your order from.
Warning, by clicking on the button and sending the order, you are engaged in a contract with the store in which you are entitled into picking your order at the distribution point selected on the day of delivery indicated, and to pay the amount of the order either in cash when picking the order or by bank transfer (preferred solution) to our bank account in Spain which will be indicated to you by email (additional fees from your bank may apply to your charge). For now we cannot accept other forms of payments.
All orders sent by the client is confirmed and considered as due.
If you need to make some modifications to your order, you can send us a message before the date of closing for ordering.
In case of last minute problems preventing you from picking your order, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can try to find a solution together, the total amount of the order is still due by the client if no solution can be found within the possibilities of the store.
The store is entitled in preparing and shipping the order for it to be available for picking at the specified distribution point on the specified delivery day.
The store only offers private sales to the members of the groups listed on the website. Each client needs to have a valid account in order to participate in the private sale. The client accounts are validated by the store or the administrator of the group corresponding to the client. The store and the administrators of the groups can revoke the access to the store to a client in case of missing payment, unappropriated behavior or communication, or other justified cause.
Claims will not be accepted if sent 15 days after receiving the products. All claims needs to be fully documented and described in order to be received. The decision regarding claims will be made by the store.

The store will not share personal informations from the clients to third parties.
Prices shown include the shipping cost.
Spanish Value Added Taxes do apply for sales to particulars from another country in the European Union. Spanish VAT for fresh fruits is 4%, and some products are taxed 8%.

Come taste our fully ripe fruits directly during the Raw Fruit Festival we organize every year in September, with guests from all over, outdoor activities in a preserved valley in Andalusia!
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