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Bananas from the Canarian Islands
Cavendish bananas from the Canarian Islands, certified organic. Bananas are usually shipped green, but coming from the Canarian Islands, they don't have to spend 20 days in a container on a boat across the ocean, and therefore are picked later on the plant than the ones from South/Central America. T...
This product is Certified Organic, Natural, Raw
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Cherimoya, sweet and creamy! This is the beginning of the season, and we will do our best to get all the orders filled. Those cherimoyas come from small farms near Nerja, Almunecar. At room temperature, they ripen within a few days, and are ready when slightly soft to the touch, and can be open in h...
This product is Certified Organic, Natural, Peak of season, Raw
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Fresh chestnuts from our farm in the Genal valley. Those chestnuts are fresh, and Pilongas or tempranas, a large chestnut easy to peel. Chestnuts can be kept for weeks, but better eaten fresh. Availability will depend on the weather......
This product is Natural, From the farm, Peak of season, Raw
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Sugarcane sticks
Fresh sugarcane sticks of 30cm, approximately 300g. Peal the thick skin with a knife to chew the inside, and spit the hard fibers once the sweet juice came out. Can be kept in the fridge for a week or two....
This product is Natural, From the farm, Raw
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